In November of 2021, we purchased the building that houses our main clinic location. That was a big decision, but the investment has paid amazing dividends. I walked into the building recently and took a second to look around me and think about how our office environment makes a difference.

Thanks to a capital improvement grant we received from the state, we were able to remodel the building with much needed enhancements. These included all new public restrooms with ADA and COVID compliant fixtures and finishes, all new LED lighting, new paint and soft vinyl flooring, and a new bright, colorful lobby mural.

It is important that we present a good appearance to our consumers. The people we serve are getting high-quality care delivered by highly skilled, caring and compassionate staff members, so we cannot diminish the positivity by allowing our building’s appearance to slip into disrepair and a “second-class” state. We want people to come here and feel like they are entering a bright, warm, nurturing environment.

As part of the remodel, we have added a lunch place called “The Lunch Box” where people can grab a tasty breakfast, lunch or snack. I am especially proud of The Lunch Box, as it is staffed completely by consumers and people with “lived experience.” We have always been a great place to get services, and now we have become a great place to walk into. The experience of walking into a clean, bright, welcoming space helps people feel positive, and that is important to us.

Another attempt we have recently undertaken to make people feel welcome here is a video about what first-time visitors can expect when they come here. Here’s a link. For a long time, it has bothered me that people don’t really have any idea what to expect when they first come here/ I hope this video helps reduce the anxiety of new consumers, and maybe even helps them make the decision to come.

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