Staff & Board of Directors

Beacon Mental Health Staff

A diverse group of more than 100 experienced employees and a unique provider network of 100 additional experts, the Beacon Mental Health team provides a wide range of services throughout Clay, Platte and Ray counties. The Executive Team coordinates this impressive pool of talent.

Our Leadership Team

Tom Petrizzo - CEO

Tom Petrizzo
Chief Executive Officer

Janice Storey

Janice Storey
Chief Clinical Officer

BMH Placeholder

Steve Bevans
Chief Financial Officer

Dan Ryan - Director of Development

Dan Ryan
Director of Development

Carolyn Worth - Human Resources Manager

Carolyn Worth
Human Resources Director

Christie Holm - Director of Quality and Compliance

Christie Holm
Chief Quality and Compliance Officer

Talina Nelson

Talina Nelson
Director of Adult CPRP & Employment Services

BMH Placeholder

Grant Piepergerdes
Medical Director

Elizabeth Stanford

Elizabeth Stanford, LPC
Director of Youth Services and Prevention

Caitlyn Violett

Caitlyn Violett
Director of Crisis and Access Services

BMH Placeholder

Dana Fifer, MSN, RN,
Director of Nursing and Healthcare Home

Board of Directors

Beacon Mental Health is governed by a volunteer Board of 15 community members from diverse backgrounds and experiences in our three-county service area. Each Board member is eligible to serve two three-year terms.
Melissa Boyd
(Clay County)

Bruce Cramer
(Clay County)
Vice Chair

Kristen Guillaume
(Clay County)

Chad Hansen
(Platte County)

Amy Heithoff-Dominguez
(Platte County)

Joe James
(Clay County)

Jan Kauk
(Clay County)

Michele Plumb
(Platte County)

Janelle Porter
(Clay County)

Troy Rust
(Ray County)

Markus Smith
(Clay County)

Nickie Smith
(Platte County)

Maria Theoharidis
(Platte County)

Luther Young
(Clay County)

Beacon Mental Health Foundation Board

The Beacon Mental Health Foundation exists to support Beacon Mental Health’s work, and is governed by a volunteer Board.
Ramona Farris

Derek Kautio
Vice President

Carol Nolting

Jeanne Pyland

Rickey Pierce
Past President

Ward Brown

Erica Davis, CMP

Jennifer Ingraham

Rosemary Salerno

Valerie McCaw

Samantha Benjamin-House

The whole staff here has been excellent. I couldn’t ask for a better team of people. Great job crew!