Day Programs:

I enjoy coming here.  I appreciate everything they do for me.  They make me feel like I belong.

I have been with Tri-County now for 25 years.  I am well satisfied with its service.  Would recommend it for anyone needing its services.  Appreciate and love you.

The staff is excellent and it is an easy-going place.

Adult Case Management:

My community support worker has always been professional, empathetic, and helped me with all my needs and mental health issues.  She has been there to assist me with facing and dealing with my fears whenever needed, providing me with resources as I have needed.

On more than one occasion my case worker has been there for me when my meds quit working.  I become suicidal and she has taken me to the psych hospital.  We’ve been through hell and back.  I’ve gained life skills.  I first got her when I was in a RCF.  I’m now in my own apartment.  I’m now transitioning to maintenance.  I’m so grateful for all her help over the years.  I really needed someone like her all my life.

I would have a hard time getting to and from places that my case manager is allowed to take me.  Without her I would need added assistance.  I truly think she is a great part of my recovery.

Outpatient Therapy:

Since my daughter has been in therapy I have seen a large improvement with her trying to work on issues she has been having.  She also looks forward to her sessions and learning new skills for helping her emotions.

My therapist is kind and attentive.  She takes time to listen to each family member’s point of view and evaluates the whole situation without judgement.  She takes the time to build rapport with the client.

We couldn’t be happier with the services we receive. Our therapist is always informative, compassionate, positive, and involved. Our child is becoming increasingly more engaged and comfortable in her own skin.  We adore our session time and are grateful for the opportunity to continue working with our therapist.

My therapist has been very helpful during this dark time in my life.  I have been able to not only move out of the waves of depression, get through the hardest times, but am also able to manage the setbacks with her help.  I have found the meaning behind my depression and that has been helpful in therapy and hopefully recovery.

Outpatient Therapy:

DBT has taught me skills to better cope with negative experiences and stressors whereas before I might have gotten caught up in self destructive behavior.  DBT has also taught me how to go about getting my needs met by interacting with others and helped me some with accepting my situation and understanding my place in the world now that I’m not in the situation I was in before (which is good).

DBT has been life saving.  My instructor is an amazing teacher.

Healthcare Home:

The whole staff here has been excellent.  I couldn’t ask for a better team of people.  Great job crew!


I’m very happy this is available.  I have some hope I have not felt for a long time.

No problems whatsoever! Very competent service, knowledgeable staff, pleasant environment.

The intake clinician was very nice and made me feel comfortable and able to open up.  Staff that I met were all very nice and friendly and kept me informed with the process and what to expect.

Treatment Court:

I have gotten a lot out of my counselors and group sessions to improve my way of living a drug free life.  I have learned a lot about who I am as a person.  And have been taught tools to use and I have to agree this program really works if the person is wanting to live a better lifestyle.

They all make me feel important.  I have learned to love myself.  I have learned to have fun in recovery.  The counselors are caring and very helpful.


This program is helping me cope better and helping me get stuff together and helping reach my goals.

My situations seemed difficulty to have positive outcomes, but my counselor is great with helping and coming up with great positive ways.  We talk for the full hour and I always feel better with more information to help me with my personal life outside of treatment.

Everyone here is helping me with my recovery and I am very thankful to all.

The staff at CSTAR provided me with the necessary tools to deal with my alcoholism.  It has almost been a complete year alcohol free.  Thanks to all who assisted me.

Youth In-Home Services:

We have someone to talk to, get advice on how to deal with the different situations that might happen every week.  Someone is there to give us support.

Our community support worker has been very sensitive to our needs and does all he can to see that my child gets the best care possible.  He is a very caring individual and he has absolutely been an asset to our family.  He is very dedicated and we appreciate everything he has done for my child and family.

Certified as the Best Drug & Alcohol Rehab and Treatment Center in Kansas City for 2020 for providing an exemplary level of care to your patients.

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