Trauma Informed Care

Trauma Informed Care 

Beacon Mental Health has, along with many other leading agencies, adopted the principal of Trauma Informed Care (TIC). TIC is a framework for organizations to use in responding to people’s needs for care and support.

Trauma is a part of everyone’s life experience, and major trauma can have a significant impact on how people respond to the world. It can adversely impact the physical health, emotional response, relationships, and, of course, the mental health of those who have experienced it.

As an organization focused on promoting good mental health, Beacon recognizes that trauma does not stop when the traumatic experience is over. To help lessen the harmful impact of trauma, Beacon Mental Health follows the Missouri Model for Trauma-Informed Care, and has implemented TIC in its practices throughout the organization.

TIC is valuable not only for the insight and care it offers our consumers, but also for the way that each person at Beacon treats one another. We do not know what trauma other people may be carrying within them, but we strive to always be aware that our colleagues and consumers may be dealing with trauma from years ago or minutes ago. Additionally, Beacon recognizes that “secondary trauma” may be experienced by our own staff members who suffer stress from the accounts they hear from the consumers they are helping.

TIC helps us stay aware of trauma and gives us tools to address it. It helps us help our consumers, our colleagues, and ourselves.

To learn more about TIC, we encourage you to visit the Trauma-Informed Care Implementation Resource Center.

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