School Based Services

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, reports that one in five children and adolescents experience a mental health problem during their school years.

Examples include stress, anxiety, bullying, family problems, depression, a learning disability, and alcohol and substance abuse. Serious mental health problems, such as self-injurious behaviors and suicide, are on the rise, particularly among youth.

Beacon’s three most common diagnoses for children 19 and under in the Northland are attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, major depression, and anxiety disorders.

Beacon helps schools meet the mental health needs of their scholars. Beacon’s School-Based services provide a wide range of services to meet the diverse needs of the schools. Among these services are:

• Case Management
• Crisis Intervention
• Family Therapy
• Group Counseling
• Individual Therapy
• Classroom-based Resilience Services
• Substance Use Group Counseling
• Substance Use Individual Counseling
• Expressive Therapies (Group or Individual)

School Based Services

Most services are provided in the schools, though Beacon is flexible and provides services wherever they are needed, including in the home or the offices of service providers throughout our community.

– If you or someone you know is interested in school-based services, please contact your child’s counselor or social worker to discuss referral options.
– School-Based Services is a grant funded program partnering with schools in the Clay County and Platte County areas.

Our array of services is designed to meet the needs of the community.