Bruce Cramer, the President and Founder of Cramer Capital Management, is serving as the Treasurer of Tri-County this year. He enjoys using his financial expertise to help causes like Tri-County thrive and be able to help more people in a sustainable way.

Bruce and his family moved to the Northland in 1997, because he appreciated the new housing and the “can-do” attitude of the Northland. Since then, he has served as the Chair of the Gladstone Chamber of Commerce, a Board member of the Northland Community Foundation, and he is currently the President-elect of the Northland Regional Chamber of Commerce. He and his wife, Dawn, have started “Let’s Get Jazzed”, to raise funds for local charities.

When asked what impresses him most about Tri-County, Bruce points out the level of professionalism displayed by the staff, the consistency of their efforts, the respect shown to the community, and the never-ending drive to do more. The greatest task facing Tri-County, he says, is to remain alert to the next  challenge. He points to the rise in crisis calls and the COVID-19 pandemic as instances where alertness helped Tri-County serve our community better than might have been expected. “We always have to be alert with our antennae, constantly listening and ready to react,” he says.

Beyond his work with nonprofits, Bruce is proud of his work within the financial services industry. Over the years, he has taken on 15-20 interns, and worked with them to create great careers in the industry. “I love this industry,” he says, and explains that because of the success he has had, he has been able to help good causes and good people in our community.

Tri-County appreciates the support that Bruce has given, and his service as our Treasurer.

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