Board Member Spotlight: Joe James

Joe James is serving as the Board Treasurer and Chair of the Finance Committee for Tri-County in the 2023-24 year. His 40+ years of experience in the banking business and his volunteer work for the Northland Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Clay County EDC make him well-qualified and well-informed about the business environment of the Northland.

Joe sees his volunteering at Tri-County as a natural outgrowth of his work as Regional President of Country Club Bank. At Country Club, he sees his banking role as similar to a consultant for businesses and individuals. When business owners get good advice and support, they can grow and succeed, which then helps the whole local economy grow and prosper, which is good for everyone.

It seems almost inevitable that Joe would take on the role of Treasurer for Tri-County. Joe jokes that he was bound to become a banker. His grandfather and father were both bankers, and he saw firsthand how bankers helped the community. When Joe joined the Tri-County board, he found his father’s name on a plaque in the lobby as one of the people who helped fund the building that Tri-County now owns.

A native of Liberty and a graduate of Liberty High School, Joe has been impressed to see the breadth of services that Tri-County offers the community. “For years, mental health was a silent social issue,” Joe observes, “but now it is being addressed in our schools and general daily life. And the prospects of making real progress in treating mental health issues are better than ever.”

Joe enjoys his board service with Tri-County. “In the meetings, we often have staff members come in and tell us about what they do and the people they treat. The level of care and compassion they show is inspiring, and it shows in the leadership of the organization,” he says.

Tri-County is fortunate to have volunteer board members who bring business experience and passion for the community. Joe James has stepped forward and taken on extra responsibilities as Board Treasurer because he appreciates the work done by the staff members helping those who need help. 

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August 22nd, 2023|

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