Michele Plumb has served on the Beacon Mental Health governing board since 2021, and she has been a hard worker and consistent advocate for the agency throughout her service. She says, “I’m always up for a challenge, especially when it helps more people get the services they need.”

Michele grew up in St. Louis and went to University of Missouri – Columbia for Nursing School. She met her eventual husband, Greg, in her sophomore year. After getting married, Greg and Michele lived in Columbia for 2 more years while Greg was in law school. After many trips to Kansas City during that time, they decided to make it their home. She loves the city and they celebrated their 50th anniversary in May of 2023, so it is safe to say she doesn’t regret her willingness to move west.

She joined the board of Beacon Mental Health after Amy Ashelford (now Judge Amy Ashelford) asked her to consider taking on the challenge when they were both at a meeting of the Missouri Association of Treatment Court Professionals. When Michele pointed out that her husband, a Professor of Criminal Justice at Park University, had a more direct connection to the Treatment Courts, Amy explained that lawyers are easy to find on Boards, but Michele’s nursing experience would be a real asset!

Michele stays busy. She still works as a nurse several days a week, but leaves work on time to pick her grandchildren up from school. On the Beacon Board, she is widely appreciated for her untiring work on the annual Fundraiser. “I don’t mind making calls or asking people to support the great work that Beacon does,” she explains. “People who are doing well should be willing to share some of their good fortune with those less fortunate.” 

Since joining the Board, Michele has appreciated knowing all that goes into keeping the agency running well. “Tom Petrizzo does a super job as CEO, and he has put together a great team to carry out the organization’s mission. There are so many ways they serve the community and help people with different services, but Tom just keeps things moving forward,” she comments.

Beacon Mental Health is fortunate to have someone like Michele bring her experience as a nurse and her passion as a community advocate to serve as a board member. 

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