When the Tri-County Foundation restarted after a period of dormancy, Ward Brown volunteered to serve as the chairperson in its first year of renewed activity. A lifelong resident of Clay County and an experienced attorney with one of Liberty’s well-respected law firms, Ward knew of the important work done by Tri-County because his wife, Michelle, a Liberty school teacher, would tell him about the great help that Tri-County was providing in the schools.

Upon joining the Board, Ward was impressed by the breadth of work that Tri-County does: “They help elderly people and kids in grade school. They help law enforcement and teachers. They have so many programs to help so many people.”

Ward’s legal practice is centered on trial law and eminent domain. He has helped over 150 clients in condemnation cases. He is a partner in the Withers, Brant, Igoe and Mullennix law firm, where he has practiced for over two decades. Prior to practicing law, he was a professional musician playing pedal steel guitar.

Ward and Michelle have two daughters, Haley and Allie Spence Brown, both of whom are pursuing careers in the entertainment industry. Ward laughs that Haley’s song about her father’s career is probably the only time the phrase “eminent domain” has ever been written into a song.

Despite a busy law practice, Ward had always been active in the community. He has volunteered with Jackson County CASA, where he represents abused and neglected children in court proceedings. He has been Board President of the Liberty Hospital Foundation and served as the Founding President of Liberty High School’s Blue Jay Nation.

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