Tri-County is excited to recognize Philip “Matt” Barnett as the first consumer success story we are sharing in 2023.

Every year Tri-County has an open call for nominations for awards in various categories, including “Outstanding Consumer of the Year”. This year our consumer was nominated by two different staff.

Philip “Matt” Barnett was nominated by both Jeff Stephens, Manager of Employment Services, as well as Jody Murphy, Manager of the Day Program. A few mentions from the nominations include:

“Matt is a long-time member of North Star. He has always been very active and helpful at the program. Matt is always eager to assist with anything here, whether it be organizing, cleaning, helping out in the kitchen, grilling food, etc. He is a “leader” at the program.”

“A long-time goal of Matt’s has been to get a job. He has been working on honing his job skills by volunteering in The Snack Shack and has served for over a year as the “assistant manager” at the concession stand. He provides customer service, runs the register, helps train volunteers, takes inventory, etc. He works hard, is dependable and is patient and helpful with others. There have been numerous occasions where Matt has filled in to provide oversight of the concession stand when the manager has been out or unavailable.”

“He has been determined to gain paid employment and started his job in September and loved it! He has received positive feedback from his employer, and he enjoys taking on new challenges at work.”

We are proud to honor Matt as the Outstanding Consumer of the Year and our first consumer success story of 2023!

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