Last week, we presented Sgt. James (Jim) Morgan of Smithville Police Department with our Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Officer of the Year award! Jim has been trained as a CIT officer and, in recent years, has become the CIT coordinator at Smithville PD.

Jim always makes himself available to the Community Behavioral Health Liaison team whenever needed. He compiles statistics that are very helpful to CIT and volunteers to teach de-escalation for our Basic CIT classes. He has so much knowledge and expertise, and he takes on the responsibility of educating the officers who are newer in their careers.

Jim is also very kind and empathetic with our clients on calls. He genuinely cares about all people, even those who can do nothing for him. This is exactly the kind of person we want to see in a CIT Officer role. Congratulations Jim, and thank you for all you do!

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