Get to know Autumn Ray, our Integrated Treatment Therapist!

How long have you worked at Beacon Mental Health? I started as a Contractor at Skylander in October 2018, and at Beacon Mental Health in February 2022.

What do you like to do in your free time? I spend most of my free time with my children and their sports such as tennis, wrestling and basketball. We also do a lot of traveling to California where 4 of our children currently live – we have 6 teens!!

Who do you look up to and why? I look up to the people who are not afraid to stand up and advocate for themselves and others.

What’s your favorite Kansas City hangout or activity? I really enjoy walking around the Plaza and going on top of the Cheesecake Factory building at night to see all the lights, even in the summer. I also enjoy all the fountains in KC.

Are you involved in any local organizations or charities or hobbies? What are they and why do you enjoy this? I have been a volunteer with Hope House, Rehope, Boy Scouts of America, Sisters in Christ, our church, and Hillcrest Housing. Also, I love digging in the dirt outside of my home and planting plants and flowers and watching them grow.

Tell me about an interesting brush with fame or amazing truth about yourself. I was in the Navy as a police officer, I have a master’s degree in business and I was a Federal Agent with the Department of Labor didn’t want to be in law enforcement anymore and decided to pursue being a therapist. I’m most famous to my children because they say I make the best pancakes EVERRR!!

Do you have a favorite book or movie and why? I love all things criminal/suspense/horror and is why I actually became a therapist – John Saul is one of my favorite authors.

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