The March 2021 employee spotlight is Brande Rash!

She’s been with Tri-County for five years and is a Crisis Clinician and Hospital Liaison most recently developing her role as hospital liaison. What started as simple follow-up calls regarding clients post hospitalization, has grown into an important position at Tri-County reaching out to the local psychiatric hospitals and medical facilities to build relationships, help coordinate care and improve overall treatment for clients.

Learn more about Brande, her pet peeves and her bucket list in this employee spotlight:

What do you like to do in your free time?
Art, crafting and remodeling my house. I started out as an art major and then drifted into psychology, but my passion and stress relief still remain in my creative side. We bought my husband’s family home four+ years ago and have been completely remodeling it. Many of the projects have been mainstream, but some have been unique (penny backsplash in the kitchen, penny bar top, burned wood wall in the basement, old glass doors for headboards, etc.).

Who do you look up to and why?
My father is one of the top people I look up to. He is friendly, genuine and hard working. In my hometown community, most people know him and respect him. He never has a negative word to say about anyone. Though he had some very traditional gender role views when I was younger, I have helped to change his mind by what I have accomplished (especially with my remodeling skills) and this has led to many great discussions between us about projects on his home. I’m thankful these shared experiences have been a strong bonding experience between us.

What’s your pet peeve?
Telling me (assuming/indicating) I can’t do something for some reason. I will then work to my darndest to prove you wrong.

What’s your favorite Kansas City hangout or activity?
Planet Comicon. I struggle with social anxiety and someone suggested I start volunteering to push myself outside of my comfort level and to help fight my anxiety. I’m a geek, and love pop culture and science fiction, so I started to volunteer behind the scenes at Comicon, and eventually became a volunteer at the front of the lines. During the past eight years I have done everything from working with comic artists to escorting celebrities to leading the interview sessions to handing out wristbands to thousands of attendees.

What does a perfect Saturday in Kansas City look like?
On a Saturday, I love to work on my house during the day then have dinner with my family, and finish with family game night or geocaching if the weather is nice.

Tell me an amazing truth about yourself.
Crazy fact about myself…last summer, my 76-year-old mother decided she didn’t want to wait for things to get better, but she wanted to start crossing things off of our bucket list. One of the top things was to go skydiving. So, on what would have been my grandmother’s 93rd birthday, my mother and I skydived over Lake Michigan with Chicago in the background. Next on the list: hot air balloon ride!