Employee Spotlight – Lauren Quint

Lauren Quint has been with Tri-County since 2010 and works as a Community Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program Manager serving in the Adult Community Support department. Let’s learn a little bit about Lauren!

What do you like to do in your free time? Take walks with my husband and our two dogs, KiKi and Morty. I also love stand-up comedy, listening to podcasts, and all kinds of music.

Who do you look up to and why?  I look up to my two sisters, Lindsay and Lacey. They are very motivated to give every day their best effort. They both stay physically active, always have a special project they are working on, and they are great at entertaining. In many ways we are opposites and that makes our connection all the more special.

What’s your favorite movie and why? I love any movie with Tom Hanks or Leonardo Dicaprio. One of them together that I love is, Catch Me If You Can!

What does a perfect Saturday in Kansas City look like?  I would start the day with espresso from Incahoots Coffee and Donuts and then go for a walk at Parkville’s Nature Sanctuary. Next, I’d enjoy lunch at Westside Local and then shopping for antiques, books, and clothes in Midtown. I would end up somewhere with a patio and a view for dinner with friends.

Tell me about an interesting brush with fame or amazing truth about yourself.  I was in a Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives episode called ‘Family Times” on the Food Network. This happened when I worked at Blue Koi Noodles and Dumplings. I said my favorite dish was Firebird Chicken on Noodles!