Tom Petrizzo, CEO of Tri-County Mental Health Services

I often describe Tri-County as a “safety net” for mental health in the Northland. We are here for people on Medicare or Medicaid, and for those who are uninsured. Thanks to the State of Missouri, the Clay, Platte, Ray Mental Health Levy Fund, the Children’s Services Fund of Clay County and other supporters, we are able to help those who might otherwise not get the services they need. Each year, more than 9,000 people in our three counties receive services thanks to the safety net we provide.

Over the past year, that safety net has been bolstered through a nation-wide program to help people experiencing a mental health crisis. In July of 2022, Missouri joined with other states to offer compassionate, accessible care and support 24/7 for anyone experiencing a mental health, suicide, or substance use crisis through dialing 988. 

Last month, Tri-County joined with Compass Health Network to offer mobile crisis response to those who call 988 and need help immediately. While the great majority of calls can be handled very well through a telephone conversation and follow-up, some people need skilled clinicians to come to them immediately. Mobile crisis response meets that need and saves lives.

Northland residents who call 988 will be assisted by a clinically trained responder who will provide immediate assistance. They may be referred to Tri-County for further help, or they may require a mobile crisis response. Tri-County is working to make sure that the safety net protecting residents of Platte, Clay and Ray counties is as large and strong as possible, to help you or your loved ones when they need it.

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