Here in the Northland, we are lucky to have lots of local options for shopping, and Tri-County certainly shops locally. Every now and then, though, Amazon comes through with a hard-to-find item or a tremendous bargain. When that happens to YOU, did you know that you have a FREE way of making certain that you are having a positive impact on our local community?

If you go through the super-easy registration process at Amazon Smile, Amazon will send Tri-County .5% of whatever you spend on their site. Half a percent might not sound like much, but over time, it adds up, and, besides, it is free money, costing you nothing but still helping the people in your community who need Tri-County’s help.

Amazon Smile is a program that generates money for Tri-County without costing you a cent.

Please take a moment to register at the Amazon Smile page, and select Tri-County Mental Health Services as your charity. Everything will stay the same – your account doesn’t change, and the shopping experience and prices remain unaffected. The only thing that will change is that you will be helping your community while doing your online shopping.