Caring for an aging adult can often be challenging even to experienced caregivers. Tri-County Mental Health offers 12-week courses for caregivers of adults. The Aging Mastery Program (AMP) provides lessons not only on giving care to others but also lessons on self-care and healthy aging.

Debi Walters, class participant

During one of the recent Tri-County Mental Health AMP classes, class participant, Debi Walters, said the focus on self care resonated with her.

“Learning a balance of caregiving and self-care was especially important because when you’re in the thick of care giving, you often neglect your own needs,” she said, also adding that she would recommend this class to people looking to be caregivers, but also to those looking for more information about what to do for themselves at retirement age.

Another participant who took the class said it was critical for anyone who might be helping with the care for an aging parent soon.

“If you are going to take care of your parents you NEED this class. You think you will be able to take care for them, but you have no idea of some of the challenges you will face and this class really helps you prepare,” said Nancy Arthur, recent class participant.

Nancy Arthur, class participant

“Recently my dad has had trouble stating what he wanted, so patience is an important tool. I find the role of caregiver is almost like aging in reversal. Now it’s my turn to care for him.”

Arthur also recommends the class because some of the lessons were focused on helping her plan for her own retirement and how she can stay healthy while aging.

The courses usually meets for an hour and a half for 12 consecutive weeks and the different topics focus on the small, day-to-day changes people can make to lead healthier and well-managed lives as they get older. The classes will teach prospective caregivers ways to advise on financial, medicinal, and future planning.

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