Has the pandemic changed how many hours you’re sitting per day? Our homes are our new workplaces. Still more have followed recommendations to stay home to stop the spread of COVID-19. While these are good changes, they have led a number of us to sit much more than we did pre-pandemic. 

Think about your day. On average how many hours do you spend sitting? Sharon Wright, RN, BSN, from Show Me Hope and the Healthcare Home shares several tips in this video on Creative Coping: Exercise

Even if you’re not one for exercise, it is important to move our bodies consistently each day so we can be healthy and limber. Sharon recommends several different tips you can do to get moving. Even if you are not a fan of exercise or you aren’t too steady on your feet, give these tips a try. 

  1. Break a sweat – Exercising doesn’t mean you have to do an intense 30 minute workout. Just get moving a break a sweat, whatever that means for you. 
  2. Change your walking venue – Instead of walking around your house or kitchen, try taking a stroll around your neighborhood and enjoy some sunshine
  3. Stand up and exercise during commercials – Take advantage of boring commercials by getting off the couch and doing some marches, kicks, or even stretches. 
  4. Dance – It sounds silly, but dancing every day is a tremendous way to move your body and burn calories.
  5. Use Pinterest and the internet for inspiration – Pinterest and a quick web search will pull up countless exercises for any level that can keep you moving and inspired.
  6. Think back to PE – Do you remember PE? Crunches, jumping jacks, stretching….Try some of those stretches again! They’re still effective. 

For more education or tips on how to get healthy, check out the Healthcare Home by calling 816-468-0400.

If you or someone you know is experiencing stress due to the pandemic, call or text Show Me Hope for 24/7 anonymous crisis counseling. We’re here to listen. 

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