Expectant parents and parents of newborns are experiencing unique challenges during this pandemic. 

Expectant parents are dealing with many changes that may give them a completely different pregnancy experience than they could have dreamed of. Even the nature of delivering a baby has changed since many hospitals only allow one support person to attend the birth. Additionally, communication from medical staff has changed since it’s difficult to see the compassion of medical staff behind their masks. Many trust their care providers and need the nonverbal support of an enthusiastic hug of “Congratulations!” or even a heartfelt smile when something is particularly hard. This can be especially challenging if a mother can not have her support person with her at an appointment. 

At a time when another human being is growing inside an expectant mother, she can also feel incredibly alone. The months leading up to a birth should be celebrated with baby showers and gender reveal parties. Many have to rethink gathering by opting for drive-by baby showers or Zoom get-togethers. Though we pivot and adapt, there still must be space to grieve these things.

Pregnancy comes with many challenges and struggles. Pre-existing mental health conditions may worsen with pregnancy and especially the challenges and isolation of COVID-19.

Want to know more about how to cope with COVID-19 during pregnancy? Check out this video where Christine Barr, LCSW with Tri-County Mental Health, shares her expertise and perspective on these challenges and some tips to deal with them. 

Know that you are not alone. We’re in this together. If you need extra support, Show Me Hope is here to help with free and anonymous crisis counseling.

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