The pandemic has brought many uncertainties and difficult emotions into the lives of many. Do you have a way of coping with difficult feelings in the moment?

The RAIN technique was developed by senior Buddhist teacher Michelle McDonald. Use this tool when you’re feeling overwhelmed by challenging circumstances and feelings.

R- Stands for “Recognize.” Recognize what’s happening in the moment, how you’re feeling, and how your body is feeling.

A- Stands for “Allow.” Allow life or your circumstance to be just as it is. You don’t have to like it, just allow it.

I- Stands for “Investigate with kindness.” Investigate why you feel the way you do.

N- Stands for “Non-Identification.” Understand that you have a thought or emotion but you are not that thought or emotion. You are bigger than the emotions you feel in the moment.

If you would like to hear an explanation of the RAIN technique and a lyric analysis, check out this video from Missouri Show Me Hope and music therapist Jacinda Howe.

If you or someone you know is experiencing stress due to the pandemic, call or text Show Me Hope for 24/7 anonymous crisis counseling. We’re here to listen.

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