The COVID-19 pandemic came with a variety of new things, experiences and terms. Let’s change one of the biggest buzz words of the COVID-19 pandemic: social distancing. 

We know it’s important to keep a distance from others to decrease the chance of spreading the virus. Distancing can range from wearing a mask and staying six feet apart to staying home most of the time, away from your friends, work and community. 

In the mental health and older adult community we don’t care for the phrase “social distancing” because we don’t want to be distant from our social support systems. Social isolation is dangerous. Our social connections will help us get through this pandemic with resilience. 

How can you reach out to loved ones if you’re a little out of practice due to isolation? 

Reach out to them via the telephone. You don’t have to do it immediately, but schedule it on your calendar. We forget that the phone is an incredible tool to connect with others across great distances. 

So, schedule a time to call someone in your social network, change your language and thinking to “physical distancing,” and work on building your relationships from a distance. 

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