The Great OutdoorsHow does getting outside boost our connections, promote positive moods, and decrease stress?

  1. Brings a sense of balance – getting outside for enjoyment can make a day inside feel more balanced and can be a welcome change of pace if you’re inside often.
  2. Inspire connection with nature and the community – by getting outside you can explore your local area, learn more about your local wildlife (a great summertime learning opportunity for the kids!), and strengthen connections with friends and family.
  3. Soothe the nervous system – Being outside in nature gives us a different array of sights and sounds that helps us transition from the sympathetic nervous system that promotes alertness to our parasympathetic nervous system, our restful state. This paired with breathing deeply outside can reduce feelings of stress and nervousness. 
  4. Promotes a positive mood– by getting outside on bright sunny days your brain produces more serotonin (a hormone/neurotransmitter known as the happy chemical). Also a change of scenery is a good way to boost your mood.

Need some tunes to inspire you to get outside? Check out this great outdoors playlist from @MOShowMeHope on Spotify or on YouTube

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