Vaccination rates are on the rise, and many of us are figuring out how to return to work. This transition may come with many emotions like excitement, overwhelm, and maybe even some fear. Join Candis Boily as she gives 5 tips for returning to work in this video from Missouri Show Me Hope. 

  1. Get the conversation going: Give yourself and your loved ones a pep talk about your transition. Set your schedule and your expectations for yourself and tell your family. 
  2. Prepare your kids and your pets: It is important to talk to your kids about what changes will happen. Transition your pets back into spending more time alone or in a kennel. 
  3. Set clear expectations and visualize it: Think about what your new work day will look like including drive time, new wake up time, etc. Allow yourself adequate time in between events. 
  4. Reframe your motivation: Think about your “why” for work. What will you be excited for when you go back to work in person? 
  5. It’s ok to ask for help: Transition can be overwhelming. It’s ok to ask your higher ups, your friends, or even call the disaster distress hotline for some support in making your new schedule. 

Transition can be overwhelming, but Show Me Hope Missouri is here to help. 

If you or someone you know is experiencing stress due to the pandemic, call or text Show Me Hope for 24/7 anonymous crisis counseling. We’re here to listen.

Disaster Distress Hotline: 1-800-985-5990
Tri-County Mental Health: 816-468-0400