Beacon Mental Health ImageTri-County Mental Health Services, Inc., has been serving Clay, Platte and Ray counties for 50 years. We are an independent nonprofit organization (not a county agency), and we are managed by a volunteer board of directors drawn from the community we serve. We serve over 9,000 people every year.

Tri-County Mental Health Services, Inc., is changing its NAME and LOGO. That is all. The new name is Beacon Mental Health!

We are NOT:
• Changing ownership
• Changing our staff
• Changing our services
• Changing locations
• Changing anything other than our name and logo

You may be wondering why.
1) Our former name and logo were often confused with other Tri-County entities around the country. In fact, there is a Tri-County Mental Health in Maine and Oregon and our electronic messages/notices and applicants for jobs have gone to those other organizations incorrectly, and some have come to us in error.
2) Our former name and logo were 33+ years old and outdated. They needed a re-fresh and something more current and modern.
3) Our former name and logo refer to a specific geographic location – 3 counties of the KC Metro area. We are greater than that now and have relationships with hospitals and other providers which exceed our three-county boundary.

Our new name is Beacon Mental Health. We hope that it makes people feel the inspiration that our services can bring to people in need of our help. Beacon Mental Health will be here, Lighting Your Way to a better future.