Tom Brown, Secretary of the Tri-County Mental Health Services Board of Directors, is a proud Northlander who is dedicated to his
community and enthusiastic about the work that Tri-County does.

“The Northland is a small community in a large city,” he says. “You see your neighbors wherever you go, and people care for each other.”

His desire to help people is what has driven his career and his work on the Tri-County board. After 35 years as a commercial insurance broker and 15 years as a Chief of Staff for a congressman, Tom has long been aware of the work of Tri-County. More than three decades of service on the Board of the St. Luke’s Health Care System helped him see that the role of a community mental health in our society.

“Tri-County is literally a lifesaver. When I look at all the issues we are facing in the future, from recession to racism, I think the biggest challenge is mental health. Tri-County has a great staff, and Tom Petrizzo is the right person at the right time to lead them. Tri-County is making a difference in the Northland,” Tom explains.

Despite his awareness of mental health and other issues, Tom is no pessimist about the future. Since his recent retirement, Tom has been serving as a substitute teacher. “The kids are smart, bright, and just great to be around,” he reports.

Tri-County is fortunate to have Tom Brown on its board, with his tremendous history of community involvement in the Northland, and his current involvement with students in the classrooms. Tri-County thrives because people like Tom, with their insight, experiences, and passion to help, volunteer their time to serve on our board.