We recently celebrated National Nurses Month here at Tri-County Mental Health and wanted to highlight our amazing nursing staff. We have three nursing teams at Tri-County. Two of our nursing teams work on the ‘med floor’ which is where our consumers see providers (Nurse practitioners and psychiatrists) about medications to help treat their symptoms, and one team works with our Health Care Home program. Below is a description of each of our teams and what they do to assist our consumers.

  • Our Med Floor Nurses facilitate communication between providers and consumers, especially when they are unable to see the provider. They advocate for the consumer with pharmacies and insurance companies. They also coordinate with different departments (i.e. case workers, crisis, Health Care Home, employment, substance use treatment teams) and provide support to our consumers.

  • Our Med Floor APRNs (Advanced Practice Registered Nurse) provide evaluation and treatment recommendations of psychiatric conditions. They assess readiness and recommend treatment for substance use disorders, as well as coordinate care with primary care clinicians and other specialists when needed. Our APRNs educate and support consumers and families/guardians regarding medications and other treatment options and support treatment delivery and staff interaction.



  • Our Health Care Home (HCH) nurses provide annual health screenings to consumers and develop individual treatment plans. They have on-going follow-up with consumers based on individual needs to help with medications post hospitalizations and coordinate with pharmacies and providers in the community and within Tri-County. HCH nurses also consult with Primary Care Physicians and Med Services team for a comprehensive approach to care. They provide education for consumers to encourage wellness and healthy lifestyles, including nutrition guidance.





Thanks to our nurses, we are able to assist a great deal of consumers in various ways. We are so grateful for our nurses and all that they do. Thank you for all of your hard work!