Get to know Jennifer Watts, LCSW, our Clinical Therapy Manager.

How long have you worked at Beacon Mental Health? I started as an intern in the Day Program almost 29 years ago. I worked for Beacon for almost six years before leaving. Five years ago, I returned to Beacon as I felt a need to return “home.”

What’s something interesting about you? I am a 3x Cancer survivor. I used to hate pink, but now it is one of my favorite colors as it reminds me that I survived and that others can too. It reminds me to stay grounded and appreciate what I have in the moment.

What are the most important things in your life? My family and friends. First and foremost are my boys – my husband, 2 sons and grandson. My mother is my best friend and my sister most of the time comes in a close second. Third are my friends, who have held me up when I was down and have been my biggest cheerleaders.

Describe your perfect day. My perfect day would be glamping along a river with my family and my dog (Thor). I enjoy kayaking on the lake, on a river, in a swamp, or on the ocean. Every year we glamp at either the beach, mountains, or a National Park. My favorite trips have been Issaquah, WA and Jekyll Island, GA. If you want to travel Missouri or think there is nothing to see in Missouri, I can be your tour guide. I have stayed at all but 2 state parks, have kayaked 12 Missouri rivers and visited 51+ wineries in Missouri.

As you can tell, traveling is my biggest hobby. I enjoy making the plans, mapping it out and hitting the road. We have had some interesting adventures and stayed at some questionable places!

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