March 1, 2019 @ 8:00 am – 3:30 pm
Platte Woods United Methodist Church
7310 NW Prairie View Rd.
Platte Woods
MO 64151
Laura Bruce

Northland Prevention Conference Updated2

Event Details:
The Northland Coalition and Tri-County Mental Health Services will host the annual Northland Prevention Conference on Friday, March 1st, 2019 at Platte Woods United Methodist Church (7310 NW Prairie View Rd., Platte Woods, MO 64151). Registration cost is $25 and includes breakfast and lunch.

Conference Schedule

8:00-8:30 am ● Registration and Breakfast
8:30-9:00 am ● Welcome and Awards
9:00-9:30 am ● Keynote by Heather Harlan
9:30-10:15 am ● Keynote by Pete Hall
10:30-11:15 am ● Workshop Session 1
11:30 -12:15 pm ● Workshop Session 2
12:15-1:15 pm ● Lunch (provided to registrants)
1:15-2:00 pm ● Workshop Session 3
2:15-3:30 pm ● Resilience Summit by Pete Hall

Featured Presenters and Keynote Presentations:

Pete Hall, international speaker, author of Fostering Resilient Learners and consultant for Strive Success Solutions. Hall is a former school principal, authoring multiple books on leadership and working with individuals and organizations across the globe. He is a thought leader in education and trauma and will help individuals turn our lens around to build self-awareness, investigate the power of relationships and embrace grace to build a culture of safety for our youth.

Trauma is a Word, Not a Sentence: Childhood trauma is real, and it is more prevalent than we might believe. In this engaging, relevant, and practical session, learn from Pete Hall, former school principal and co-author of the best-selling and award-winning Fostering Resilient Learners – ASCD, 2016 and Relationship, Responsibility, and Regulation – ASCD, 2018, about the importance of implementing trauma-invested practices to support our youth. Incorporating research, building a common vocabulary, and exploring the impact of stress on brain development begins our exploration. As many of us continuously look outward to help others, we’ll turn our lenses around to build self-awareness, investigate the power of relationship, examine our belief systems, and embrace the concept of grace as we collaboratively build a Culture of Safety for our community. If we’re going to be good to others, first and foremost we’ve got to be good to ourselves.

Heather Harlan has been on the front lines offering resources and treatment to adolescents and their families for nearly 20 years in Illinois and Missouri. As a Certified Reciprocal Prevention Specialist, she’s been active in community coalitions. As Treatment Engagement Specialist and Adolescent Counselor at Phoenix Health Programs in Columbia, she’s worked with youth, young adults, and their loved ones to create positive family relationships and encourage healthy interactions necessary for family recovery. Missouri professionals recognize Heather as a passionate presenter and advocate, who grasps effective prevention and treatment. She is also a co-facilitator for National Alliance on Mental Illness and a professional storyteller!

What Gets Rewarded, Gets Repeated: After this entertaining presentation, Heather will leave you with a simple explanation for the way substance use disorders rewire the brain and create a chronic mental health situation. You don’t have to be a neuroscientist to understand adolescent brain pathways and Heather’s strength is explaining it in a way that you can remember, draw, sing or explain to anyone and everyone so they too will have passion and the solution to protecting vulnerable teen brains!

Workshop Sessions:

Overcoming Mental Health Challenges in Today’s Youth: A review of the inherent, generational, and new challenges coupled with strategies to best protect young people.
Presented by Dr. Ram Chettier, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Children’s Mercy Kansas City
Engaging Policymakers 101: Come learn the three most important things to do when engaging with policymakers, as well as a few tips of what not to do!
Presented by Jessica Hembree, Principal Officer, Platform Civic Strategies
TRI-CIT: Innovation, training, and collaboration between law enforcement and mental health in the Northland.
Presented by Peggy Gorenflo, Community Mental Health Liaison, Tri-County Mental Health Services
Building the Fence: The vulnerability and threats to today’s youth and what we can do to prevent the fall.
Presented by Sherri Miller, Youth Prevention Specialist, Tri-County Mental Health Services
Up In Smoke: The truth about Vaping and Marijuana. What is a JUUL? What do we make of this marijuana legislation? How do we keep our kids safe? Come and learn the answers to these questions and more!
Presented by Heather Craig, Community Strategist, NCADA
The Mindful Way: Improving mental health, relationships, and self-regulation through the inexpensive and effective practice of mindfulness.
Presented by Elise Bennett, MS, LMFTM Adolescent, Individual, and Family Therapist
EVERFI- Free, effective and innovative resources for equipping youth, students, and employees with the tools they need to make healthy lifestyle decisions.
Presented by Heather Miller, Senior Schools Manager, Everfi
Taking Meds Seriously: The evolution of the opioid problem and responses.
Presented by Kristen T. DeHart, Chief Executive Officer, Excelsior Springs Hospital

Resilience Summit:

Following the workshops sessions, attendees will reconvene for the Resilience Summit, a powerful and practical workshop with Pete Hall.

Using the New 3 R’s to Address Youth Needs
In this continuing exploration of #TraumaInvested practice, rejoin Pete Hall as he shares keen insights into the practices of empathy and attunement and discusses a communication strategy built to strengthen connection and understanding. Learn the characteristics of a Culture of Safety, and implement timely interventions for our students by addressing the “New 3 R’s” in education: Relationships, Responsibility, and Regulation. Using scenarios, research, and a bank of strategies, collaborate with your colleagues to brainstorm approaches to meet our students’ needs. Attendees will leave refreshed and excited about meeting the challenges awaiting them, with tools in the tool belt and the energy and optimism needed to use them!

A special thank you to our event sponsors: the Platte County Health Department, Platte Valley Bank, Signature Psychiatric Hospital, and Synergy Services.