healthcare workers during pandemic

To all healthcare professionals and those working in senior living: How are you coping with grief during this pandemic?

Right now during COVID-19, we are facing a greater amount of loss than we have in a long time. As healthcare professionals, it can be easy to put our blinders on to the grief around us so we can keep working and caring for our patients and residents.

However, in the midst of our daily responsibilities, we are losing people, whether that be to death or relocation. Sometimes healthcare privacy policies may prevent us from knowing what happens to them.

That is difficult. Take a breath and acknowledge that.


When it comes to grief, what can you do to move forward?

Here are several things you can do to honor those you have lost:

  1. Play a song that reminds you of a particular client or patient
  2. Journal about those you have lost
  3. Create a ritual to recognize those who have died or left your life
  4. Talk with your colleagues about the people you have lost

These things help us honor those we have lost and help us continue caring for others.

Thank you, healthcare professionals, for everything you do to support our community.

Need more support? Interested in a support group for your workplace or community?

Show Me Hope is here to help.

Disaster Distress Hotline: 1-800-985-5990

Tri-County Mental Health: 816-468-0400

Check out this helpful YouTube video: