We have reached the anniversary of the Covid-19 pandemic. A year is an incredibly long time to go through something, especially when our world has been turned upside down. It was a year ago that lock downs were put into place, and we began to realize just how different everything would be. Masks, isolation, the closing of schools and businesses, this lockdown was a shock to many. If you’re having a hard time with the anniversary, know you’re not alone.

Rachelle Morgan, MA, MT-BC from Show Me Hope and Soundscaping Source talks about her experience with the anniversary of the pandemic and shares some tips in this video.

Anniversaries are difficult. We reexperience emotions and grief, we look back at what could have been, we reflect on the people and things we have lost. Our bodies also experience anniversaries. If you have been feeling tired, shivering, feeling heavy, experiencing sleeplessness, or other symptoms that you normally do not experience, know that this could be your body’s way of experiencing the anniversary of the pandemic, and it will get better.

So what can we do for our bodies during this time?

This is a great time to turn to your coping skills. Think about doing things that bring you joy and peace, things that nourish your soul. This can be different for everyone. Show Me Hope has a variety of videos for breathing and relaxation, music assisted relaxation, exercise and even ideas for different coping skills. Check it out here.

If you’re experiencing intense anniversary symptoms, try grounding techniques like just taking a deep breath in and out to let your body know you’re not in immediate danger.

If you or someone you know is experiencing stress due to the pandemic, call or text Show Me Hope for 24/7 anonymous crisis counseling. We’re here to listen.