How are your business and employees fairing during these times? Are you looking for ways to help your organization and the individuals who make up your team? This video is perfect for business and organization leaders. To discover how Show Me Hope can help you support your organization.

Show Me Hope can help you and your organization discover ways to build resilience, to help you and your team recover faster and be stronger in the future.

During these times, each one of us has a different level of stressors and responses to the disaster, from personal to professional. This can result in a varying level of stress and since organizations are made of individuals, this can translate into stress of the organization. Combined with strained resources, unmanaged stress may negatively impact your organization’s resilience.

Organizational resilience is critical for well being of the organization and the people within it. Organizational resilience can be fostered through three different means:

  • understanding the different circumstances
  • making support for individuals
  • building a culture of resilience

Check out the video to explore how Show Me Hope can provide support to organizations looking to better understand our current circumstances, support individuals, and help your organization build a resilience culture through educational materials, presentations, and individual or group crisis counseling, (e.g. support groups). 

Need extra support? 

For Individuals:

Try calling us at Show Me Hope for crisis counseling and mental health support — it’s free and anonymous. We’re here to listen.
Disaster Distress Hotline: 1-800-985-5990
Tri-County Mental Health: 816-468-0400

For Organizations:

Call: Tri-County Mental Health Services (816-468-0400)
Find Us on YouTube: Show Me Hope – Tri-County Mental Health – YouTube