How to make a hope rockHave you ever heard of a Hope Rock? Hope rocks are rocks that are decorated with lovely designs or inspiring messages. The creator of the hope rock hides the rock for someone else to find. The creator could also keep the rock in a visible place instead. If you find a hope rock unexpectedly, you can repeat the process and hide it again. 

What’s the purpose? To spread hope to others! 

If you’re looking for a new summer craft, a new hobby, a way to take a break from work, or a way to spread some hope to others, this activity is for you. Check out this video from Missouri Show Me Hope about Hope Rocks to get inspired. 

Here’s what you need: 

  1. A rock or stone of any kind  
  2. Paint pens or craft paint and paint brushes
  3. Stickers (optional)

It’s that easy! There are no rules for how to decorate your rock, but the goal is that it will make someone smile or feel hopeful. 

You can do this activity outside or even at your desk on your lunch break! When you hide your hope rock, think about what type of person you would like to find it. Think about where you should hide your rock. Would you like it to be fairly visible or more hidden? Most of all, have fun with this activity.

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